Park Hose & Gaskets are proud to be a key distributor for one of the world’s leading composite hose manufacturers. Dantec’s experience in providing high-quality hose and hose-related equipment to a wide range of industries has enabled them to design and manufacture composite hoses to suit any application.

The major advantage of Dantec composite hose, is that it is lightweight, cost effective, flexible and easy to handle. Due to these core benefits it can be used in a number of applications.


Composite hoses are made from multiple layers of spirally wrapped thermoplastic fabrics and films held together by a metal inner and outer wire helix.

Product hoses form an integral part of transfer operations. The choice and use must be based on assessments that cover appropriate use, safety and operational efficiency.


Chemical Hoses

Danchem Hoses

This polypropylene (PP) lined hose is the most popular in our range and is our general-purpose chemical hose. The lining and sealing films are made of PP, which has a strong chemical resistance making it suitable for transferring most chemicals.

  • Most commonly used general purpose hose
  • Polypropylene covered inner wire and galvanised steel outer wire (Danchem PG)
  • Stainless steel inner wire and galvanised steel outer wires (Danchem SG)
  • Stainless steel inner and outer wires (Danchem SS)
  • For chemicals unsuited for polypropylene, hoses with ECTFE or Nylon lining are available


ECTFE is predominately used for more aggressive chemicals. We also stock versions of this hose that can withstand high temperatures of up to 160°C.

  • Supplied with stainless steel inner wire (Danflon SG)
  • Supplied with galvanised steel inner wire (Danflon GG)
  • Supplied with stainless steel outer wire (Danflon SS)
  • High-temperature options are depicted by the suffix A: Danflon GGA, Danflon SGA, etc.

Nylon Hoses

Nylon lined hoses are a more economical alternative to ECTFE, for use with Biofuels and high aromatic solvents, such as benzene and toluene. Manufacturing options are detailed below.

  • Aluminium inner wire (Danoil 9 AG)
  • Nylon covered mild steel (Danoil 9 NG)
  • Stainless steel (Danoil SG)
  • Outer wires options include galvanised mild steel or stainless steel (Danoil 9 SS)

Superflex Hoses

Superflex is the premium hose within our range, manufactured with an ECTFE lining and internal/external wires of stainless steel. As an extremely robust hose, it’s a great option for the most arduous applications in oil or chemical transfer, as well as applications where standard hoses experience shorter working life.

Oil Hoses

Petroleum and Vegetable Hoses

DanOil hoses have a polypropylene lining, fabrics and films, except when the oil has a high aromatic content. In this case, a nylon lining may be required.

The wires can be aluminium (Danoil 7 AL) or galvanised carbon steel (Danoil 7), dependent on the application of the hose.

Biofuel Hoses

Biofuel hoses are manufactured with a nylon lining and an aluminium (Danoil 9AG) nylon covered (Danoil 9 NG), stainless steel inner wire (Danoil 9 SG), or both stainless steel wires (Danoil 9 SS).

Superflex Hoses

The same as the Superflex hoses used for chemical applications, the Superflex is the premier hose of our range. Chosen for more demanding applications, this hose is designed to be robust.

  • ECTFE lining
  • Internal and external stainless steels wires

Vapour Recovery Hoses

Vapour recovery hose is a lightweight hose, mainly used up to 7bar, which can be applied to a wide selection of vapours. As some of these vapours are aggressive, this hose is manufactured specifically for this.

  • PP lining
  • Inner wire option of galvanised mild steel (Danoil VR)
  • Inner wire option of PP covered wire (Danchem PG VR)
  • Inner wire option of stainless steel (Danchem SS VR)

Cryogenic Hoses

Danchem PA Cryogenic hose is manufactured with low-temperature thermoplastic fabrics and films, with stainless steel inner and outer wires. The hose is used to convey products such as LPG, liquid ethylene, ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Firesafe Hoses

The Dantec Firesafe Hose is constructed from materials that guarantee the hose will not fail in the event of a fire. It works by avoiding pressure build up in the hose, blocking an explosive release of any flammable product.

The hose proves great value in applications where spontaneous combustion is a possibility, in areas of extreme external heat, or when operations are near residential areas. The fire-safe hose is available for most applications, except cryogenic.

Quality System

Dantec composite hose products meet all major national and international standards and have International Maritime Organisation approvals for the transfer of hazardous chemicals and liquefied gases.

All marine hoses meet the requirements of the United States Coastguard. Dantec were the first manufacturers to achieve ISO9002/BS5750 status and have been registered with the British Standards Institute since 1988 (Reg. No. Q5773).


So Why Choose A Dantec Hose ?

Due to the unique stronger materials in Dantec hose, we can manufacture the hose with less layers of material, making the hose lighter and more flexible than our competitors. The stronger materials also give us a higher safety factor/burst pressure.

The materials we use for our composite hose also carry out many other benefits over the regular composite hose:

  • Cast polypropylene instead of BOPP – more flexible and less permeable
  • ECTFE instead PTFE – mechanically stronger and less permeable
  • Custom made PP fabric instead of generic packaging fabrics – technical and stronger design
  • Superior assembly and end tail pitch matching design – leads to superior end fitting retention
  • Dry Fit System – it is technically cleaner/environmentally friendly using a ferrule and seal
  • All hoses hand are built on our special coated mandrel – eliminates tears
  • In house branding tape – unique marking
  • COP Safe System – insulated hoses with sensors that work with all leading cross over prevention systems

We also have a can do, innovative, customer focused culture with 70% of our experienced operations team having between 10-30 years experience!





Hosebun™Designed to properly suspend hose.

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When Hosebun™ product is used, the composite hose maximum bending radius is protected, and your hose is kept from kinking.

The Hosebun™ is, by far, the foremost method to suspend hose in a permanent or temporary, semi-rigid position. How many times have you seen hose being hoisted temporarily, ineffectively, or unsafely? Hosebun™ products offer efficient, effective, and safe hose suspension designed for your unique needs. The Hosebun™ is used for cradling hose within various industrial and commercial sites and is available in 1” to 12” and is the perfect for composite hose and other industrial hoses.



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Composite hose is perfect for the transfer of liquid products as its lightweight, flexible and easy to handle.

With safety and asset protection in mind the revolutionary Dan Pro~Tec Bend Limiter has been designed to eliminate the one weakness composite hose has which is over flexing and bending at its weakest point.

Designed to still allow the hose to naturally flex the BL eliminates the over bending of the hose at the relatively soft and pliable hose wall and the hard connection area.

Manufactured from polyurethane in two halves and supplied complete with handles, bolt kit and assembly instructions, the BL fixes to the outside of the composite hose on the first string of the tank or the ship side, adding support to the hose and eliminating the concern of over flexing and bending.

If over flexing and bending is a concern for your composite hose, choose the Dan Pro~Tec BL and extend the life of your hoses. The BL is a one-time purchase and can be used on numerous hoses and applications.


Bespoke Hose Covers (Protection Sleeves)

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Park Hose can offer a range of bespoke Hose Covers otherwise known as protection sleeves for identification, insulation and protection from abrasion and weathering.

Available to suit all our hose types, they can be manufactured at any size or length with the option of Zip or Velcro fastening.

We offer a vast number of colours and additional lettering, with the option of numbering also being available at a small extra cost.


Try our Composite Hose Configurator and find out which hose is right for you