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PTFE hose consists of braided stainless steel or Polypropylene which forms a protective reinforcement jacket. The fluoropolymer core which can also be supplied in black antistatic is inert and offers long flexural life, low permeability, non-flammability and the lowest coefficient friction of any solid material.

The protective braid permits higher pressure uses, whilst reducing the possibility of kinking and generally protecting the core. Optional silicone jacketing offers protection from high temperatures during handling and keeps the outer surface clean and smooth.

Key features:
  • True ID PTFE Smooth Core offers maximum flow
  • Convoluted Core offers excellent flow with enhanced flexibility
  • True ID Smooth Core is available between 0.25 inches and 1.5 inches
  • Convoluted Core is available between 0.5 inches and 4 inches
  • General temperature range of -65°F (-53.9°C) and 450°F (232.2°C)
  • Imparts no taste or odour to critical systems
  • Easily cleaned and sterilised by autoclave, steam or detergent
  • Optional silicone jacketing makes stainless steel reinforced hose easier to handle by offering heat protection
  • Silicone jacketing provides a smooth outer surface that eliminates particle entrapment for sanitary conditions
  • Full line of crimp fittings offered
  • Custom lengths, sizing, overbraiding materials, special cleaning and packaging are all available
  • Custom crimped-on or flare-through assemblies offered
  • Add stainless steel armour casing or cuffs for an extra layer of protection from crushing, kinking, harsh environments and abrasion, while still allowing flexibility
  • Laser-etched stainless steel collars for hose identification are available


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